Road Trip USA Tips

These Road Trip USA Tips you see below are topics where I wanted to share my experience with you. As you know from your own research there is lots of stuff to think about when putting your own vacation together without the help of a travel agency. Let me tell you one thing: everything is possible to do and plan alone! Because there is so much to think about, I’ve put together these road trip usa tips and articles below. While playlists might be personal preference and not be among the most necessary road trip USA tips, the question about cheap flights, best rental rates and hotels can actually save you quite some money! As with everything on this site: these road trip USA tips are just my personal recommendation and opinion, but I think they will help you! Check out the road trip USA tips below and read for yourself:

Road Trip Music

A great road trip is nothing without the best music blasting through your car’s speakers! As music is one of the most important things I take with me when driving, I want to recommend my favorite Road Trip Music to you!

Road Trip Essentials Checklist

A good road trip requires proper planning – or you might end up on the road having forgotten some important documents or other things! Check out my road trip essentials checklist to make sure you will never forget something important again!

Road Trip Ideas

Getting the right inspiration for your road trip in the USA is extremely important. Especially if you’ve done the most typical road trips already, you’re looking for further road trip ideas on where to go next. In this article, I will give you some more uncommon road trip ideas for your next itinerary!

How to find cheap USA flights

This is one of the most important road trip USA tips out there: as you have to get to the United States first (wherever on the earth you may live) I put together a very easy guide on how to get the best flight prices with Kayak, the best flight search engine in my opinion. See for yourself and follow this guide if you want low flight prices to the United States!

Road Trip Playlist for the USA

OK, this might be a minor thing to consider as road trip USA tips, but I have to have the right music with me when driving along Grand Canyon or the Mojave Desert. This is why I put together a playlist with 50 tracks that fit perfectly for a road trip in the United States. Additionally, I have also included the fitting Spotify playlist, as well as links to buy Audio CDs if you’re preferring this.

Most Beautiful Spots in the USA

The most important road trip USA tips are about locations to visit of course! In this article I will share my favorite spots in the USA that you should consider visiting during your road trips. They are all across the country so you cannot cover it in one journey, but will keep you busy for years!

Most Beautiful National Parks

One of the main reasons to road trip the USA is mother nature! The United States offer so many awesome national parks and this article will give you my favorites.

I will keep updating this section of my website with lots of tips in the future as soon as I have the time – so make sure to check back regularly for more road trip USA tips! in the meantime I invite you to check out my other website,, where I showcase all my travel photos from around the world!