Road Trip Music: 5 CDs that keep you going!

What would a great road trip through the Southwest of the United States be without the proper road trip music blasting through the car speakers? Nothing!

There’s nothing better in my opinion than having a great car and an open road ahead of you with the right music ringing in your ears. But finding the right road trip music is not an easy task: just relying on the radio might disappoint you when you have to change programs all the time. Bottom line – there never is a radio station that satisfies all your music needs. This is why you need to prepare in advance and get either CDs or an iPod with the right songs on it. Don’t worry – most rental cars do have an audio input where you just need this cable for to make it work!

Which genre has the best road trip music?

As far as different musical genres go, I always come back to classic rock! Modern stuff, Pop or Electrical Music is nice as well from time to time, but when driving around I just need those famous classical tunes that accompany so many road trip movies. Even if you’re not a die-hard fan of rock music, the following list of tunes provides enough great songs and bands for every taste. Trust me – it will be the perfect road trip music for your travels!

Road Trip Music: CD Recommendations

The following CDs are my recommendations as the best road trip music. Heck, they are even sorted by genre! Enjoy the tunes :-)

Road Trip Music: Classic Rock

road trip music classic rock album

Recommended Album: Now that’s what I call Classic Rock

This classic rock album has some of the best road trip music ever put onto one single CD! Starting off with “We will rock you” from Queen it gets you in the right mood for driving from the start. Further songs like “My Generation” by The Who, “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix or “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple are perfect road trip music as well. From the first song to the last, these classic rock hits make the perfect music for your road trip!

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Road Trip Music: Blues Rock

road trip music blues rock cd

Recommended Album: The best Blues Album in the World…Ever!

For alle Blues fans, this album offers the perfect road trip music. These two discs include a total of 36 tracks by some of the greatest artists like Muddy Waters, Albert Collins, Chuck Berry, Howlin Wolf and B.B.King – perfect for all Blues fans! It has all the greatest tracks you could wish for, topped by my favorite: “Still got the Blues” by one of the greatest guitar players ever – Gary Moore.

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Road Trip Music: Southern Rock

road trip music southern rock album

Recommended Album: Southern Rock Gold

For all the fans of Southern Rock as their road trip music, this compilation offers an awesome value! You will get two CDs with 16 tracks on each. Starting off with Lynyrd Skynyrd with “Sweet Home Alabama” you know right away what to expect from this album. The quality of bands included on this album is on a constant high level. The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band and The Outlaws are further highlights on this album. If you’re doing a road trip through the Southern United States, this is the perfect road trip music!

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Road Trip Music: 80s Rock

road trip music 80s cd

Recommended Album: Monsters of Rock: Platinum Edition

My personal favorite is right here: as I love the 1980s and the awesome rock music created in that decade, this album is the perfect road trip music for my personal taste. Kicking it off with “18 and Life” by Skid Row you will get some of the greatest tracks of the eighties in just one CD. Artists like Cinderella, Poison, Scorpions, Twisted Sister and Europe are like an encyclopedia of awesome rock. Highly recommended!

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Road Trip Music: 90s Rock

road trip music 90s album

Recommended Album: 90s Rock Greatest Hits

The more mellow sound of the 90s is represented in this compilation disc which makes awesome road trip music as well. If you’re more into alternative, 90s sounds, this is the disc for you to buy. Bands like “Sixpence none the richer”, “Deep Blue Something” or “Oasis” have some of the history’s greatest tracks in their repertoire. Luckily, they are included in this disc!

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So far for my favorites – what’s your favorite road trip music?