Road Trip Ideas for the USA

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new road trip ideas! Especially if you’ve also covered the most important sights of the United States like the Southwest of the USA or Florida, you need to look for the more remote or unusual road trip ideas out there. I have seen the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Everglades – you name it! This is why I have gathered five more unusual road trip ideas for you that might serve you as an inspiration for your own travels – check them out!

My Top 5 more unusual Road Trip Ideas

Idea 1: Fall Foliage Route in New England

This one is just awesome if you’re looking for a trip during fall: in that time of the year the trees in the New England states turn to a beautiful mixture of red, orange, brown and yellow colors to make up the “Indian Summer”. This awesome-looking scenery makes road trips through this area a sheer pleasure. Imagine a nice car and a semi-wet road through a colorful forest – sounds awesome doesn’t it? Especially in Connecticut, Maine, Massachussetts and New Hampshire this natural wonder shines at its best. I recommend starting out in Boston, but New York or Washington DC Also works fine. You will be able to visit awesome places on your road like Acadia National Park or Kennebunkport. The centers of Indian Summer are Manchester, Bennington and North Conway – so make sure to visit these towns. All in all the one of the best road trip ideas for falls in the USA!

Idea 2: Alaska

Although quite in the corner of the United States, Alaska is awesome for all different road trip ideas! As it’s really cold in Alaska (obviously) you should get there in Summer if possible. But don’t be fooled by the term “summer” – it can get quite cold in nights in June as well. For me there are three highlights when road tripping through Alaska. First, Denali National Park is an awesome place to visit, especially to visit Wonder Lake. Second, Mount McKinley is a great sight you should not miss, and if you’re fit enough you can also climb it. Third, Alaska is the perfect place to spot wild animals! Although Alaska is a quite “extreme” destination, it surely is one of the best road trip ideas for summer!

Idea 3: Kauai, Hawaii

This is one of the road trip ideas that really surprised me positively when I did it. I got to Kauai back in 2013 and got a nice Chevrolet Camaro Convertible which I used to explore the island on my own. And boy, there is so much incredible stuff to visit on Kauai! And the good thing is – the island is so small that you can do all tours in just day trips. Highlights include the incredible Waimea Canyon (named the “Grand Canyon of Hawaii”), Wailua Falls, the Na Pali Coast and the hiking trails there. It’s just one short flight from Honolulu away but offers such beauty that makes it one of my favorite road trip ideas out there – even though flights are long and roads are limited.

road trip ideas kauai hawaii


Idea 4: Oregon & Washington

North of your typical road trip ideas (California, Arizona, etc) lies a secret paradise for outdoor lovers! This are offers so many different natural areas like volcanos, coastlines, mountains and forests. There are certain sights you just need to drive to. Crater Lake National Park offers awesome views and hiking opportunities in the Cascade Mountains, plus panoramas of deep blue Crater Lake. Mount Rainier National Park is one of the highest mountains in the USA with many glaciers on it. More than 250 miles of hiking trails make this a must-do if you’re in the area. Mount St. Helens National Monument is an old volcanic area you need to check out as well. Definitely something different when thinking about road trip ideas!

Idea 5: USA Southeast

Starting out of Atlanta this is one of the best road trip ideas to do in your life. Heading out off Coca Cola’s and Delta’s headquarters in Atlanta you should head to Great Smoky Mountains National Park with its scenic drives and great hiking trails. You should head to Charleston, Savannah and Chimney Rock as well to have a deep look at the south. I would recommend heading to Tennessee (Memphis / Nashville) or New Orleans from that area to make this one even better!

What do you think? Which are road trip ideas that are unusual but still awesome?