The most beautiful spots in the USA

When looking for the most beautiful spots in the USA to road trip through you will hear many different opinions. After more than a dozen of trips to the USA and even living there for some months, I had the chance to see some of the most beautiful spots in the USA. These places are well-known, but there might be something you did not think about before. Just for myself I created my personal Top10 of the most beautiful spots in the USA and I want to share that list with you!

1. Washington DC

The end of many road trips, Washington DC, lets you feel the closeness to world politics best! I lived there and have to say that this city has a very special touch to me with all political landmarks: White House, Congress and Supreme Court. Also all memorials like Lincoln Memorial or the Vietnam War Memorial make it one of the most beautiful spots in the USA for me. Additionally all the students and young congress workers make this city so young and fun to live in!

2. Grand Canyon

This is one of the most famous of the most beautiful spots in the USA of course, but it needs to be included of course! When I visited Grand Canyon during my Southwest USA Road Trip in 2010 it was one of my lifetime highlights. Just overlooking the canyon from South Rim is extremely beautiful, as well as seeing the sunset in the evening. Perfect for photographers as well! Check my other site for more Grand Canyon Photos.


3. Zion & Bryce National Park

If you do love nature, these two National Parks are one of the most beautiful spots in the USA for sure! Bryce Canyon is a great amphitheatre filles with awesome rock formations that seem to go on for miles. Zion National Park on the other hand is an awesome valley with some of the best hiking trails in the United States. When you do a southwest USA road trip, always make sure to include these in your itinerary!


4. Kauai, Hawaii

Although the island of Kauai is not big, doing a road trip on it is a perfect experience and certainly one of the most beautiful spots in the USA! In 2013 I drove around the island with a Camaro Convertible and absolutely loved all of nature’s sights. Make sure to check out Waimea Canyon, Wailua Falls, Na Pali Coast and Opaeka Falls and you will love it!


5. Yellowstone NP

Surely one of the most beautiful spots in the USA: Yellowstone National Park! As it is rather in the north of the USA, typical road trips might not stop at Yellowstone. But this park alone is worth a trip! A very huge area of land, filled with breathtaking views, wild animals, hot sources, geysirs and active springs. If you’re into outdoor activities like hiking or camping, this National Park will be perfect for you – check out my Yellowstone National Park Photographs!


6. Sedona

Sedona is a great city located an hour away of Phoenix. Being settled inside red rock canyon, it is one of the most beautiful spots in the USA for sure. Just driving around the area with you car is worth the visit, as you should check out Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek Canyon as well for some great views. Check out my road trip photos from Sedona!


7. Page

Nearly all southwest USA road trips have a stay in Page, which is a city with many attractions and sights around it. Not only does Lake Powell offer plenty of outdoor activities, but also the famous Antelope Canyon which you need to check out for sure. In addition, Horseshoe Bend during sunset is one of the most perfect views you can ever imagine!


8. Monument Valley

On of the most famous valleys in the United States (and my header image of this site as well), Monument Valley is always worth a detour during a southwest USA road trip. Settled inside an Indian reservation in Utah, it has great scenic views and drives through this surreal landscape. Watch out for sandstorms as they can disrupt your experience there quite heavily.

9. Las Vegas

“Sin city” is the strangest of the most beautiful spots in the USA: you drive through the desert for an hour and suddenly you see a town with all the entertainment you could ask for! Many incredible hotels with awesome pool areas and spas, casinos, world class shows and great restaurants are only the most well-known things to do in Vegas. Also make sure to visit the Valley of Fire nearby when you’re there!


10. Miami

Miami and its beaches is one of the most beautiful spots in the USA: just drive along the Art Deco District in South Beach and you will know what I mean! You also should check out downtown and take trips to the Everglades, as well as the Florida Keys when you’re on a Florida Road Trip!