How to find cheap USA Flights

In order to do a road trip through the USA you will have to get there somehow of course. One of the most common questions I get asked is: “How do I find cheap USA flights?“. As I am a frequent flyer with a special focus on how to find cheap USA flights, I want to give you a quick guide how to find the right flight for the best price!

Where are the best US Flight Deals?

The best flight deals can be found on specialty sites and not the airlines themselves. There is one favorite travel agency out there that I really recommend to you to the fullest:


CheapoAir is a travel agency that has awesome deals with airlines to provide you with great deals for flight inside the United States, but also to international destinations. Check out their flight deals here!

For those of you who want to save even more, here’s a coupon for 15% off (yes, 15%!) your next flights (which are already reduced in price!):

If you don’t need to fly on a certain date – where can you find even cheaper USA flights?

If you’re flexible with your dates, then you can save even more! You should do the following little trick to get a cheap flight:

First step: Be as flexible as you can!

In order to find cheap USA flights, flexibility is the main key to low prices. Flight prices might be several hundred dollars cheaper if you can fly a day later or earlier. Bottom line: If you can be flexible with your flight dates, make use of it!

Second step: Use search engines to their full extent!

The truth is: most flight search engines are very basic, made just for casual users.¬†You can only use the “+/- 3 days” option for your dates, nothing more. Only one flight search engine has what we need to find the cheapest flights: a full comparison view of the price throughout several months – so we can actually fly when prices are the lowest! This flight search engine is CheapAir (not to be mixed with CheapOair above) and I will show you how to use it:

Go to, fill in your destination and click on “My dates are flexible”. Click “Check Flights” afterwards.



You will then see a results page with all airlines available you can use. They are sorted by price, so it’s best to chose the very first one:



Chose the amount of passengers and click “Continue”:



Chose your departure date. All the dates in “blue” are the cheapest ones!



Chose your arrival date. Again, the dates in “blue” are the cheapest ones!



There you go – you’ve managed to find the cheap USA flight!


Why is CheapAir the best tool to find cheap USA flights?

  • CheapAir is a so-called “Meta” search engine that crawls not only one database, but the databases of many airlines at once! It basically scans all bigger flight search engines to find cheap USA flights and not only one. This means you will nearly always get the best price available on the web and save lots of time.
  • Cheapair has some of the most advanced search options on the market. The possibility of chosing flexible months, as well as all the filter options make it the best choice if you’re looking for something specific.